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At Quest Group, each employee has the opportunity to utilize their knowledge, their experience and their capabilities in a modern, dynamic and creative environment, so as to achieve personal satisfaction and professional development. At the same time, ongoing training in the latest technologies is provided and the employee-partner remains competitive in the ever-increasing demands of the modern era.

Following international standards, the salaries of employees in the Quest Group,  include competitive pay packages, bonus productivity, based on real and measurable data and private security, which ensures a high level of medical care. Moreover, employees have the chance to participate in the share capital of one of first IT groups in Greece .

The Quest Group, as one of  the few Greek Groups in all the key areas of IT and telecommunications leading the "new economy" of the 21st century, is now giving the opportunity to young aspiring professionals and workers to follow the dynamic path.

You can be informed on job openings through the Quest Group companies websites and your CVs are welcome at the following addresses:

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