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Our People

Employment Opportunities

Every year we set our sights higher. Come join us!

We seek partners distinguished by their passion for work, teamwork and commitment to high quality service and customer satisfaction.

As part of our team

  • You will have the opportunity to work in one of the largest Greek Groups, active in Greece and abroad.
  • You will work with some of the most talented professionals in the market.
  • You will find yourself in a modern, dynamic and creative environment and use your knowledge, experience and abilities.
  • You will be given the opportunity to take part in particularly interesting projects. to achieve personal satisfaction and professional development.
  • You will acquire new skills and broaden your horizons.
  • You will expand your knowledge with continuous training and remain competitive against the ever-increasing demands of modern times.

Join us!

You can get information about the employment opportunities from the web sites of the Group companies and send your CV to the company you are interested in:

Info-Quest Technologies

Quest Energy

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