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Terms of Use

“Quest Holdings” (hereinafter referred to as the COMPANY) has created the website, in order to provide information and services to its users. Any natural person or legal entity that visits the pages of the website or uses the services shall be hereinafter referred to as the “user”. All information and services presently existing in the site or that might be added in the future shall be subject to these terms of use, while the visit to the page and/ or the use of the services of the website presupposes the full and unreserved understanding and acceptance of said terms. The use of the website is governed by these terms, which refer to the rights and obligations of the COMPANY towards all website users. Users are requested to read carefully and comply with the present terms. The use of the website entails the unconditional acceptance of these terms of use. The COMPANY may, for any reason, whatsoever, and without prior notice, amend these terms. Any use of the website by the users after the date of any such amendment of the terms of use shall be construed as acceptance of said amendment on the part of the users.


1.1. The COMPANY shall bear no liability to any party for any direct, indirect, incidental, direct or consequential loss, including loss as a result of non-material damage, relating to or arising from said website or from any use of the website or from any other website or other source to which there is a link, referral or access from this website, or for the use, download or access to any materials, information, products or services, including, by way of indication and without limitation, any loss of profit, loss of programs or other data, even where the COMPANY has been expressly advised that such damages might occur.

1.2. The COMPANY waives any liability for any damage that may arise, directly or indirectly, accidentally or as a result of, or in any way related to the access to or use of, including, without limitation, any loss or damage caused by viruses that may affect users' equipment (PCs) or the validity of information that users obtained through

1.3. The COMPANY does not provide any guarantee, whether direct or indirect, that the website's content shall, at all times, be up to date, secure, free of errors, that it shall meet the users’ demands and that the results emerging from its use will be reliable, accurate and free of errors.

1.4. As a result of continuous developments, the information contained in this website may not always be fully updated and, for this reason, such information is provided on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis. The use of information obtained or stored by or through this website lies solely within the discretion and is the responsibility of the user. The user accepts that s/he must evaluate the content and that s/he is responsible for any risk that may result from the use of any content.

1.5. The content of this website does not give advice nor does it make any recommendation nor should it be considered as a basis for any decision or action, call for investment in any other securities of the COMPANY or for participation in other companies.


2.1. The COMPANY is the sole and exclusive holder of all intellectual property rights relating to the content and structure of the website, save the express exceptions or provisions of applicable law. The contents of constitute the COMPANY’s intellectual property rights. Any information (text, images, graphics) contained in may be used only for personal, non-commercial use.

2.2. All services and/or product names that may be mentioned in this website are trademarks of the COMPANY, its subsidiaries, or its associated and affiliated companies.

2.3. The COMPANY authorises users to copy and print extracts or documents from this website (except for content owned by a third party and defined as such) solely for personal, non-commercial use, on the understanding that that any copy or extract of said documents or pages obtained, maintain all intellectual property rights or other property notices including all disclaimers contained therein. All COMPANY logos and trademarks may not be used or reproduced without the prior written consent of the COMPANY.

2.4. It is illegal to copy, reproduce, modify in any way, in whole or in part, the contents of without the prior written consent of the COMPANY.

2.5. Unless otherwise specified, it is prohibited to copy, modify or reproduce, in whole or in part, for commercial purposes, the contents of this website in any form, based on it and/or its contents, or to incorporate the electronic retrieval systems into other websites. No link on this website may be included in any other website without the prior written consent of the COMPANY.


The website may contain references to the contents of third-party websites – users may be able to move through special links (links, hyperlinks, banners, video) to third-party websites whose content is the sole responsibility of such persons. The COMPANY does not represent them and cannot guarantee their availability, does not control and is not responsible for the content, the personal data protection policy, the quality, correctness, legality, completeness, timeliness, and accuracy of the information nor for the properties of the products or services listed through the aforementioned websites. The above references - links exist and have been placed solely for the convenience of visitors/users of, while the websites to which they refer are subject to the respective terms of use of such websites. The placement of links does not constitute endorsement or approval of the content of the respective websites by the COMPANY that shall not be held liable for the content, any errors or malfunctioning of third-party websites, nor for any damage or injury caused to users as a result of the access to and use of the information provided in said websites, since the visitor/user accesses them on his/her own responsibility.


4.1. Comprehensive Information: Information is collected jointly with other business partners/entities/organisations to track the use of this website. This process does NOT involve collecting identifiable personal data. In general, the information collected relates to the number of visitors and the original domain name of the Internet Service Provider. Such information is used to understand the use made by the visitor of the website and may be shared with other companies or other third parties. All information provided to the COMPANY by the users of this website (including, but not limited to, personal data, know-how, comments, ideas, questions, techniques, extracts or other relevant data) is not considered to be confidential. The COMPANY may disclose, copy or use all or any part of such information for the purposes set out in these terms. The COMPANY shall, in no case, prevent the use of such information in order to develop, build and promote its services.

4.2. Personal Data: In cases where registration is requested in order to grant access to specific website content, an on-line application form is filled out (e.g. to receive newsletters via e-mail), which includes personal data, such as the name, e-mail address, country of residence and other information which is voluntarily submitted as part of the registration process. Users may, at all times, request the modification of such information, as well as anything else to which they are entitled under applicable law, following an email communication sent to the e-mail addresses listed herein.

The Company acknowledges the importance of data security and has taken all necessary measures, following the most modern and advanced methods, to ensure maximum safety. All information relating to the users’ personal data is protected as confidential in accordance with the provisions of applicable law on personal data protection.

The COMPANY may keep a record and process users' personal data, which will be disclosed through the website, and users hereby give their consent to this end. Such storage and processing will take place for the purposes mentioned herein. The COMPANY does not disclose or publish users’ personal data.

The management and protection of this website’s user’s personal data is governed by these terms, the COMPANY's policies and procedures concerning the protection of personal data, as well as the relevant Greek and EU legislation. Such information is never disclosed to any third party (except where required by law) and their personal nature is safeguarded in accordance with the applicable legislation. The website keeps records of such data for communication and statistical purposes and for the improvement of its services.

The users' personal data is stored on a secure server protected by password and firewall. The COMPANY has in place security policies that aim to ensure, as far as possible, the security and integrity of all information, including personal data.

The COMPANY may use the information collected and/or received, in order to avoid illegal activity or activities that threaten the network or pose a threat to the provision of the website.

Moreover, in the case of links to other websites, this website shall not be responsible for third parties’ terms of personal data management and protection.

In any case, however, the user of the website shall have the right to access or object (including the right to correct), as well as any other relevant right set out in the applicable legislation concerning any personal data kept relating to the user, which is subject to processing.

For this purpose, any request of the user must be addressed in writing to “Quest Holdings S.A.”, Corporate Communications Department, Ms. Fani Kyrkou, 25 Al. Pantou Street, GR-17671 Kallithea, [tel. +30 2119991000 fax +30 2119991499, or via e-mail to


The website is addressed to adults (such as investors and individuals seeking information about the COMPANY). The COMPANY does not collect nor does it intend to collect information from or about children.


6.1. The capacity of user of this website is personal for the user and, hence, should not be shared with any other person. If a username and/or password has been given, the user agrees that s/he shall keep them safe and secret and agrees to: (i) notify the COMPANY as soon as s/he becomes aware of any unauthorised disclosure or use of the personal username and/or password, and (ii) be responsible for any loss or damage that may arise from such unauthorised use or disclosure.

6.2. The user shall be responsible for providing all equipment necessary to access the website and for all relevant third-party charges (i.e. telephone call charges and Internet Service Provider charges).

6.3. The user agrees to use the website only in accordance with these terms. In the event where the unauthorised use of this website by the user results in damage to any individual, who will subsequently bring legal action against the COMPANY, the user agrees to indemnify the COMPANY for all losses and/or damages arising out of such a claim.

6.4. The user of this website undertakes:

6.4.1 not to act, when using this website, whether knowingly or otherwise, contrary to any legal or regulatory requirements of any competent authority that has jurisdiction over the user, or on any activity undertaken thereby.

6.4.2 not to use this website to make unauthorised efforts to access the COMPANY's systems or third-party networks.

6.4.3 not to use this website to carry out any business activity or other activities or to contribute to activities that are prohibited by law.

6.4.4 not to use this website to transfer any material that is defamatory, offensive or threatening or which violates third-party rights, or which is intended to cause disruption, harassment or unnecessary concern to any third party, or to send messages that the user knows to be false or to use this website for any such purposes.

6.4.5 to promptly inform the COMPANY about any claim or action of any kind against the user for any use of this website and, upon request from the COMPANY, to immediately cease the action for which the charge was made, and

6.4.6 to promptly inform the COMPANY about any changes that affect the user’s registration information. The user is required to ensure that his/her registration details are kept up to date.


The use of software downloaded from this website is solely subject to the discretion and assessment of possible risks by the user, who must ensure compliance with the terms, conditions, and notices of the license of the software downloaded from this website on his/her personal computer, as well as that the above software is compatible with the computer and does not contain viruses.

8. INFORMATION ON COOKIES uses cookies, which are small text files stored on your device for the collection of electronic activity information, to store users’ preferences and settings and to optimise the website browsing experience. Cookies sent by our website are stored on users’ electronic device.

By disabling cookies or by revoking users’ consent, certain functions of the website will not be available.

By using, users accept and consent to the above, as well as to the Conditions, Terms of Use and Trading that have been posted on the COMPANY’s website.


The COMPANY reserves the right to change or withdraw any part or the entire website at any time without prior notice. Any changes will take effect the next time the user visits the website. Users of this website are not entitled to any compensation for damage that may arise from the lack of the ability to use the website, as well as from any errors, interruptions, defects or delays in the operation of the website or the transmission of information on the internet through this website.


All users’ enquiries should be sent via e-mail to the following e-mail address:

Information about the services of the COMPANY, its subsidiaries and its affiliates (e.g., updates on the latest news) may be sent, from time to time, via e-mail or by post. If the user does not wish to receive such information, s/he may opt not to receive it by informing, at any time, via e-mail, the following e-mail address:


If any of the above terms is deemed to be unenforceable, it will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms.

These terms represent the entire agreement between each user and the COMPANY and govern the access and use of the website by the users. These terms shall take precedence over any other written agreement between each user and the COMPANY with respect to the use of this website.

These terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable Greek and EU legislation. All disputes shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the courts of Athens.

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