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Quest Energy


Quest Energy

The group has been active in the energy sector since 2006. Quest Energy’s main business focus is the utilization of wind and solar energy. Apart from the Quest Group, Thrush Investments of the Leventis Group also has an equity stake in the company.  


Quest Energy’s range of activities includes the development, licensing, financing, construction and operation in Greece and abroad of energy installations utilizing renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, biomass, geothermal energies and hybrid systems combining two or more sources.

Quest Energy has established cooperation with the French construction and operating company EDF Energies Nouvelles for the purpose of jointly developing wind farms in Greece.

Through its subsidiaries, Quest Energy has:

  • An installation license for a wind farm of total capacity 20.7 MW in Viotia.
  • Production licenses for 6 wind farms in Viotia, Drama, Fokida, Kozani and Larissa of total capacity 113.15 MW, while licenses are pending for 4 wind farms of total capacity 97.4 MW in Viotia and Serres.
  • In addition, in cooperation with EDF EN it is developing wind power projects currently at the licensing stage in southern Evia and Thrace, with a total installed capacity of 425 MW.
  • In the photovoltaic sector, Quest Energy through its subsidiary Quest Solar has begun construction of a project with total capacity of 7.5 MW in the area of Thiva, which has been completed in April 2011. At the same time, licenses are expected to be issued shortly for 5 photovoltaic parks of total capacity 8 MW in Magnesia, Halkidiki and Florina, while license applications were recently submitted for 9 new projects with a requested total capacity of 14 MW.
Strategic Orientation

Quest Energy is seeking to further expand its activities by focusing on wind farms and photovoltaic parks, while at the same time establishing forms of cooperation aimed at the transfer of know-how and business synergies.

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