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Uni Systems

Uni Systems  


Integrated ICT Solutions & Services

For more than 60 years, Uni Systems, an ICT solutions and services provider, is leading the digital transformation of its clients across the Greek ICT market by designing, implementing and supporting complex ICT projects. One of the largest companies in Greece, Uni Systems holds a prominent position among the most reliable ICT companies in Europe by delivering critical projects in the EU market.

A leading Integrated ICT Solutions & Services provider in Greece, with a dynamic growth in the European market.

Uni Systems’ dynamic portfolio includes solutions that range from enterprise infrastructure (hardware and telecoms) to specialized vertical business applications and at the same time, fresh and innovative solutions in which the company invests consistently. Aim of its activities is to enhance the digital transformation of its clients operating in the Finance, Public, Enterprise and Telecoms sector, by holistically covering the needs of large European and international organizations. Within this frame, the company’s specialized and skilled workforce provides state-of-the-art solutions and value-added services and create the competitive advantages that will enable its clients to be more competitive and efficient in the market in which they operate. Having Greece as its base and with business entities in Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Romania and Spain, and with more than 1100 skilled experts, Uni Systems serves over 200 customers in more than 20 countries.




in the ICT business




across industries and geographies




of operation



CAGR in revenues
in the past 5 years



of revenues

from services




from international contribution


€215.2 m

Annual turn-over in 2023

(Uni Systems Group)