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Sustainable Development

Recognitions and ESG Ratings

Important Recognitions received by Quest Group for ESG and Responsible Entrepreneurship

The Quest Group received a distinction in the "Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)" category of the "Growth Awards", the Development and Competitiveness Awards organized for the sixth consecutive year by Eurobank and Grant Thornton.
The Quest Group is included for one more year in the Greek Organizations that are part of the leading group of "The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2024", according to the annual results of the assessment of business performance in Sustainable Development based on the ESG criteria announced by the QualityNet Foundation.
RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS AWARD 2023 - GOLD AWARD - CATEGORY: 3 – Responding to Emergency situation “Quest Group supports its lower income employees with additional financial support payment of 2,7 million euros”.
At the Responsible Business 2022 awards, the Group received a Bronze distinction in category 7.1 “Digital Education and Skills”, for the “Mind the <code>”, a scholarship program for learning a programming code and offering the opportunity to the attendees to be hired by the Group’s companies.
Bravo Sustainability Dialogues & Awards 2023 – Pillar : BRAVO MARKET
Αctions for the support of Innovative Business practices in the area of Technology and Digital Innovation.
Recognition to Quest Group for the design and implementation of the ESG Strategy 2022-2025+
Quest group won the 2nd distinction for Corporate Governance at the Business Awards XRIMA for 2023.
The Quest Group was among the True Leaders Groups in 2022 based on ICAP CRIF.

Participation in ESG Ratings and Sustainability Index

Two companies of Quest Group, Info Quest Technologies (Dec 2023) and ACS (April 2024) have received the important ranking GOLD medal in their most recent assessment by EcoVadis, the top provider of business sustainability ratings worldwide.

Both companies have displayed significant progress from their previous assessment in 2022 (silver and bronze respectively) and now rank in the top 5% performing of all companies assessed by EcoVadis.

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