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The Group

Regulatory Compliance System

Compliance represents a clear commitment to the principles of integrity, transparency, reliability, fairness and respect for the rules and principles governing the operation of Quest Group.

Quest Group undertakes to lead with transparency, integrity and reliability in every field and activity. It undertakes to comply with applicable legislation and responsible business behavior, in line with its principles and values.

Quest Holdings, as well as its major subsidiaries, have adopted a Compliance Management System –as part of the Internal Control System– which, together with the Code of Conduct and Ethical Behavior and Internal Policies and Procedures, are designed to prevent, identify, address and monitor ethical and regulatory compliance issues.

The Compliance Management System applies to all employees. All personnel shall act in compliance with applicable legal/ regulatory provisions and internal policies.

Complying with the law, the Code of Conduct and Ethical Behavior of the Group and internal policies is very important to us.

The Code of Conduct and Ethical Behavior of the Group contains the principles and rules governing daily activities and business relationships and is a fundamental guiding tool for demonstrating good professional practice, ethical conduct and integrity.

Effective Compliance is the basis for ensuring ethical behavior and culture, which is triggered once the Management sets the tone, and governs the daily operations, transactions and relationships with employees, partners and other stakeholders.

Key pillars of the Compliance Management System