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Our People

Corporate culture

The Quest Group culture is built and enhanced through Corporate Values, Leadership Principles, Employee-Management Communication, and Continuous development of employees.

Corporate Values

The values of the Quest Group express the philosophy of its founders and are a guarantee of our consistency and core of the Group's corporate culture. These values are summarized below:

Customer Satisfaction
Knowledge - Continuous Improvement - Innovation
Responsible Entrepreneurship
Ethics and Integrity
Documentation & Evaluation

Employee Continuous Training and Development

Employee training and development is a key priority for the Quest Group. The Group has a specialized Department for Employee Training and Development, which designs and implements in a structured way a broad training program for all grades of employees. Employees are encouraged to participate in these programs by improving their knowledge, skills and working behavior. They are also given the necessary means to attend on their own initiative a training program of their choice.

The objectives of training and development of Group employees include:

  • Developing managerial and leadership skills using methodologies and programs such as Development Centers and Quest Mini MBA, which is designed in collaboration with a valid educational organization specifically for the organization's needs.
  • Living our Values program, designed to highlight the shared values of employees in Group companies with a view to creating a Group Culture.
  • Technical training in professional areas and certifications given by the affiliate firms
  • Specialized training programs, based on recognized needs
  • Specialized program for High Potential employees in the Group. The program is a synthesis of actions aimed at developing and / or further enhancing leadership, strategic thinking and organizational sensitivity.
  • Continuous training with the use of e-learning tools
  • Utilization of Human Resources systems and processes for the continuous strengthening of a high performance culture, with an emphasis on meritocracy, cooperation, equity and inclusion.
  • Design and implementation of activities that enhance well-being, mental resilience and the connection between the employees of the Group

QUEST EUZHN - Well-being and quality of life

The Group systematically urges employees to maintain a balance between their professional and personal lives and aims at enriching the projects they are implementing, creating an even more friendly, pleasant and creative environment for their employees.

Systematically, social and sporting actions are carried out for the well-being, the highlight of importance of personal and professional balance and the encouragement for a healthier lifestyle.

The Uni Systems basketball team, the "Bike at Work" initiative, the Quest Group Runners Team participating in the Athens Marathon are some of the successful actions promoted by the Group.

In one of the Group’s buildings, there is a modern gym, while in two buildings and online as well, there are weekly classes (pilates, cross fit, traditional dances, etc.)

Professional coachers carry out “Wellness Days” and wellness programs with many activities (excursions, games, healthy snacks, etc)

Volunteering is promoted and every help and support is provided to groups of volunteer -employees.

Celebrations are taking place for employees, their families and children

Employee education and development
is a key priority for the Quest Group

Communication between Employees and Management

Direct, continuous and meaningful communication between the Management and the Employees is a fundamental element of the Organization's culture. The Group has developed mechanisms, practices and actions that promote communication and transparency and ensure an excellent climate of mutual trust and understanding.
In the framework of the Management-Employee Communication channel, the "Open Doors" policy, which gives employees the opportunity to discuss with the Management issues related to their work, is followed. Moreover, structured meetings provide direct information to all employees. In addition, the Group has an Intranet for direct contact with employees, the “HereWeAre” specialized application that focuses on personnel development activities and “Orion”, an integrated Human Resources Management System.

Leadership Principles

All employees in a management position are required to work in alignment with common leadership practices, promoting meritocracy by guiding their teams.

Actions and Events

In the Quest Group, initiatives and voluntary employee participation are organized to promote teamwork and communication, improve the quality of life and work and help fellow citizens and society.