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Intelli Solutions

Intelli Solutions   


Leading Digital Transformation solutions.

Intelli Solutions is active in the provision of Digital Transformation Consulting Services, offering Business Software products and solutions, primarily for large enterprises. The company has a significant multinational presence in Europe, Africa and Middle East, with active subsidiaries and more than 500 enterprise customers, including the largest companies and organizations in Greece and large multinational groups.

Intelli has completed successfully digital transformation projects to many large enterprises in Financial, Telecom, Utility, Betting, Insurance and Retail sectors, being thus a leading multi-sector Solution provider.

Over the last 16+ years, Intelli has developed a complete products and solutions suite, by using technologies such as AI and machine learning and keeps investing heavily on R&D. The company has been very active for the past years in Digital Transformation projects, having introduced a very specific framework for co-operation with large enterprises, offering an integrated set of solutions in the following three core areas:

  • Customer Engagement
  • Business Retention
  • Revenue Assurance

The expertise of Intelli and its proven success record in delivering complex digital transformation projects for enterprise customers with the highest customer satisfaction levels possible, allows Intelli to act as a Trusted Advisor that delivers quantifiable benefits for its customer base. The company has been honorably recognized with a series of international awards by reputable analysts and magazines in the field.