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Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

Evolution, based on the principles of sustainable development and the driving force of values and people, is the central core of the philosophy and strategy of the Quest Group and governs the overall way in which the Group companies operate and grow.

The Quest Group interacts with many different stakeholder groups, and systematically consults with them to identify and highlight their expectations from the Group and to understand the extent to which the Group's actions meet their needs and expectations.

The aim of the Group is the connection of Sustainable Development with the model of Value Creation and the distribution of the produced value in terms of benefits to the stakeholders.

For the Group's parent company, the optimal management of substantive issues and corporate governance risks is a primary concern. Continuous pursuit is to improve the methods of dealing with regulatory issues and new market requirements, while strengthening all levels of operation and control in subsidiaries.

For the Quest Group, service and product development and innovation are key components of the business model for growth.

The continuous goals of the Group are:

  • Enhancing Innovation and integrating it into the strategy and culture of each subsidiary.
  • The Digital Transformation of the Group’s companies based on the changes that take place both at the technological level and at the level of evolution of the business model.

At the same time, the Quest Group continues its activities:

  • For Human Resources, aiming at the continuous upgrade of knowledge and skills, the provision of equal opportunities for all, the inclusion and enhancement of diversity and the well-being of employees.
  • For the workplace, strengthening the foundation of processes for evaluating, attracting and developing new talent,
  • For the protection of the Environment, with a continuous effort to reduce the environmental footprint
  • Finally for the Society as a whole, with ongoing actions for start-ups, enhancing quality education through technology, responding to emergencies of national importance and continuing actions by offering free services and resources to collaborating NGOs.

The projection of ESG topics in the full scope of operations and strategy around Sustainability is one of they key focus areas that will determine the short, medium and long term goals of the businesses within the Group, enabling them to address the increasing concerns surrounding financial, social and environmental matters.
The Quest Group has set the following short term goals covering the next 2 years:

  • Structuring the Corporate Governance company model of the Group Holding Company in accordance with the "New Legal and Regulatory Framework for the Corporate Governance of Stock Exchange listed companies and their main subsidiaries".
  • Undertaking an in depth investigation into the risks and opportunities that are emerging in the areas of Climate Change.
  • Building a longer term ESG strategy that will support the transformation towards the growth and sustainability business models that have been set for the businesses operating in the Group.

With a vision for Sustainable Development the triptych "Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship" the Group continues with optimism its work, while seeking the international orientation of its activities on an even larger scale from year to year.



for the Environment

Most Sustainable Company 2023As "Sustainable Company 2023", Quest Holdings, the parent company of the Quest Group, is once again rewarded for the holistic approach and strategy developed by the Group on Sustainable Development. The company joined the Sustainability Performance Directory, the Sustainable Development Business Index developed by the QualityNet Foundation as part of the SUSTAINABLE GREECE 2020 Initiative, forming together with other leading companies, all of which received the same title, the elite leadership group of the Greek business scene, which can act as Ambassadors for the promotion of the value of Sustainable Development in the Greek market.

Sustainable Development based on the three-tier




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