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The Group

Message from the Chairman

“ Our vision is to create a better tomorrow for all, based on the pillars of technology, sustainable development, innovation and entrepreneurship.

For Quest Group, the “Code of Conduct and Ethical Behavior” is not just a corporate document laying down rules for all its staff. It's more than that. It is our statement about who we choose to be, how we perceive entrepreneurship, business environment, our relationships. It is our commitment to follow rules, which are known to all of us and which we must observe.

Our Group has been developed based on a very powerful framework of principles and values that guide and inspire us, define all our activities and behaviors and make us proud of the quality of our people: Ethics, integrity, responsible business practices, sustainable development and our commitment that our value system, which is the core of our culture and philosophy, is above all else.

Success, as well as our image, depends on each and every one of us. We must firmly and strictly adhere to everything we believe in and strive for, assuming that we all know which those values and beliefs are and that we communicate them effectively far and wide.

We ensure and verify

that all our actions meet high ethical standards and we do not tolerate any conduct or events that fall outside the framework of full regulatory compliance and modern corporate governance. We invest effort in building relationships of trust with all stakeholders, we protect the reputation of the Group and its companies through our actions and behavior, and we seek to create value for all.

We firmly believe

that the effective implementation of the rules of the Code in every aspect of our professional behavior, helps us to constantly improve, strengthens our Group and ensures a better tomorrow for all of us. ”


Theodoros Fessas

Chairman of the BoD, Quest Holdings