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The Group

External Audit

The main task in the context of external audits is to check the financial statements of the Company and the Group, the report on the remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors and to provide additional certificates regarding the corporate governance system as well as other systems used by the Company.

The above audit shall be performed by certified public accountants.

Upon completion of the audit, relevant reports shall be drawn up, which shall be incorporated into and published together with the Company's reports provided for by law.

The external auditor is elected by the shareholders at the annual Ordinary General Meeting of the company, in order to check and certify the accuracy of the results of the company and of all relevant funds in the relevant reports provided for by law.

External audit ensures the continuous improvement of the company's accounting system, improves the efficiency of its internal audit, certifies the validity of financial statements, facilitates conducting tax audits and enhances the provision of correct information to shareholders and other persons trading (stakeholders) with the Company.

Furthermore, the external audit serves as advice to the management on matters regarding the improvement of internal auditing, the development of accounting information systems and, in general, provides tax, investment and financial advice.