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Investor Relations

Announcement of the admission of bonus shares, resulting from the split of Company's shares

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"Quest Holdings S.A." (the Company) informs the investing public that the Ordinary General Meeting of the Company's shareholders, held on 25.06.2019, decided inter alia the reduction of the nominal share value from Euros 0.30 to Euros 0.10 Euro and the simultaneous increase of the total number of shares from 11.913.632 to 35.740.896 common registered voting shares (split). The aforementioned 23.827.264 new shares shall be distributed free-of-charge to the shareholders of the Company in replacement ratio of 3 new common registered shares for each 1 old common registered share. Following the above corporate change, the share capital of the Company remains at the amount of Euros 3.574.089,60, divided into 35.740.896 common registered voting shares with a nominal value of Euro 0.10 each. On 19.07.2019, decision No. 76330/19.07.2019 of the Ministry of Development and Investments, by which the amendment of Article 5 of the Company Statute was approved, was registered with the General Commercial Registry (GCR) under Reg. No. 1797104. The Corporate Actions Committee of the Athens Stock Exchange at its meeting on 25.07.2019 approved the admission to trading of the new shares of the Company resulting from the above. By decision of the Company, the following are set: (a) as “ex-date” of the right to participate in the shares split is set 30.07.2019. From the same date, the shares of the Company shall be traded on the Athens Stock Exchange at the new nominal value, i.e. Euro 0.10 per share, without the right to participate in the bonus shares distribution, and the starting price of the Company's shares on the Athens Stock Exchange shall be formed in accordance with the Athens Stock Exchange Regulation in conjunction with Decision No. 26 of the Board of Directors of the Athens Stock Exchange, as in force, and (b) beneficiaries to the abovementioned corporate action shall be the shareholders of the Company, registered in the Dematerialized Securities System (DSS) records on 31.07.2019. As commencement date of the trading of the new shares on the Athens Stock Exchange is set 02.08.2019. From the same date, the abovementioned shares shall be credited to the shares and securities accounts of the shareholders in the DSS. For more information, Shareholders may contact the Company's Shareholders Support Department (tel. +30 211-999 4762, Mr. Papadiamantopoulos Dimitris).