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InGov presents the recommendations for the design and implementation of Integrated Public Services (IPS) projects

Athens, July 11th, 2022 - InGov, a Horizon 2020 funded project aimed at creating innovative governance models for inclusive and accessible Integrated Public Services (IPS), announces the publication of its recommendations for the development and implementation of successful integrated public services.

The twenty-three recommendations cover the domain of governance, stakeholder engagement, formal arrangements and the roadmap necessary to consider when envisioning and developing an integrated public service. The recommendations stretch out across the three main phases of co-creation activity: design, delivery, and evaluation, covering aspects related to the organisation, management, political, and technical nature of IPS projects.

The full list of recommendations can be consulted here and are part of the Work Package 2 (WP2) of the InGoV project.

With the publication of the framework, WP2 was successfully completed, following a theoretical analysis using commonly accepted methods, such as literature review and documentary analysis. A practical analysis also took place, based on the same dimensions, adopting a multiple case design of 5 existent IPS-Co projects, derived from the previous WP, to ensure consistency, continuity and certify that they cover all the fundamental requirements that have been set on the initiation of the project.

Taking into account critical questions throughout the project implementation, InGov works towards getting answers on how governance should be revisited, in terms of structures and procedures, to enable stakeholders’ contribution, including their roles and responsibilities, during the key phases of IPS provision. It also tries to determine what means should be adopted to leverage on stakeholders’ expertise throughout the whole IPS life-cycle, as well as the mechanisms that can help govern the challenges related to political, legal, technical and organizational aspects.

About InGov

InGov project, funded by Horizon 2020 under Grant Agreement no. 962563, is focusing on the creation of a citizen-centric model for governance and the design of processes that will enhance citizen’s lives and their trust in public administration authorities, using existing infrastructure and data and by capitalizing on technologies like Big Data, Machine Learning, AI Bots and more emerging technologies. Find out more about InGov here.

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