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Uni Systems implemented the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System for the Information Society (KtP)

It is based on the Q-Prime Platform

Athens, March 29, 2021 – Uni Systems, a member of Quest Group, recently implemented and delivered in full operation the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System for the Information Society (KtP).

The increased obligations of the Information Society S.A. toward financial frameworks such as the new programming period of the upcoming NSRF, the Recovery Fund, and others, indicated a need for implementing an ERP system that will serve as a basis for monitoring numerous projects. The new system is based on Uni Systems’ Q-Prime/Financials and was tailored to the specific requirements of the organization in order to cover a wide range of operational areas, such as Budgeting and Target Management, the Registries of Commitments, Projects, Procurement/Expenditures, Accounting and Fixed Assets.

Vassilis Demestichas, Director of Operations at Information Society S.A., stated: “Information Society, being in an extensive transformational and restructuring phase, chose Uni Systems’ Q-Prime ERP/Financials to address the entire life cycle of its projects and actions. Those projects are being implemented in the context of the role of Information Society as one of the most critical executive bodies of the Ministry of Digital Governance. Uni Systems’ team of consultants employed in the implementation, worked in a coordinated and efficient manner and in close cooperation with our executives and, despite the challenging conditions, managed to successfully complete a demanding project.”

Respectively, Stratis Kalogridis, Public Sector & S/W Products Business Unit Director of Uni Systems, mentioned: “The specific implementation was challenging amid the pandemic, yet, it was completed successfully. We trust that our objective to strengthen the critical role of the Information Society as well as the digital transformation efforts of the country, has been achieved and, within this context, we will sustain our efforts, contributing to the support of the system for its continuous and seamless operation, in every way.”

Q-Prime ERP/Financials is part of the Q-Prime Suite of Uni Systems and has been servicing the Public sector for the past twenty years, holding an extensive installed base. Its operational excellence, continuous updates, user-friendly interface and interoperability with third parties, make it one of the most reliable and comprehensive financial management information systems in the field of Public Administration.

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