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Sustainable Development

ESG Data Center

The Quest Group shares its progress on ESG topics since 2019 through its reporting of selected core, advanced and sectoral indicators of the ESG 2022 Information Disclosure Guide issued by the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX).



1. Guide tο ESG lnformation Disclosure 2022 Athens Stock Exchange (
2. Quest Group_ Sustainabile_Development 2021 Report (
3. QUEST Holdιngs SA appoιnted TUV HELLAS {TUV NORD) SA wιth the external audιt of the data presented ιn the ESG Table, based οn the ESG 2022 Athens Stock Exchange lnformatιon Dιsclosure Guιde, whιch covers the perιod from 1/1/2021 to 31/12/2021
4. C=Core lndicators, Α= Advanced lndicators, SS = Sector Specific lndicators